About Us

About Us
Leading Supplier of Ink, Print Media & Equipment

Since 1978, Starleaton has grown from a small family business into the premier graphic media suppliers of software, capital equipment consumables & technical support for the print industry and advanced manufacturing sector in Australia and New Zealand.

We Are Known For Our Premium Brands

We select only the best. Our product range focus is on innovation, quality, and margin to keep your business kicking goals. From ink and print media to equipment and finishing to technical support and financing, Starleaton keeps your business growing with innovated cost-effective solutions. Our passion for excellence means we strive every day to help you succeed.

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7+ amazing
45+ Years in
Locations australia
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1000+ quality
5000+ satisfied
97 % of orders are sent
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Long-term Partnerships

We understand there is so much more than just being a supplier. Our customer's production is our primary focus. We offer the very best solutions, service, and value. We aim to be long-term business partners with our customers.

Our underlying philosophy with our customers is...


Starleaton has helped thousands of creative professionals make intelligent, informed purchasing decisions for 45 continuous years. Our people-first culture shapes our customer experience and is backed by our can-do attitude and unrivalled passion for the print industry.

Striving to be more than just a supplier
is what we are all about!

Amazing People To Support You

Starleaton family-owned Australian Company founded by Peter Eaton pictured with Lea Eaton         Starleaton Team Celebration 40 years experience in the print industry  

Founded in 1978 by Peter and Lea Eaton, Starleaton has always had the goal of providing quality end-to-end solutions.

Today, we still share the same drive to provide you, our valued customers with quality products, services, and support that will take your business into the future.

At Starleaton we don’t just check in and out every day, we partner with you to help deliver your business goals with a shared passion for the print industry.

We have never just been a company of box movers!

We will continue to protect the legacy of our family-owned company by growing a sustainable business, keeping abreast of innovation, trends and premium product offerings, underpinned by our never-ceasing commitment to provide a level of service that is agile and adaptable to support you in the ever-changing print environment.

Starleaton HQ_some of the NSW team with Ben Eaton CEO



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