Vinyl Cutter Self-Maintenance Kit

Bring back the premium performance of your cutter.

Keep your vinyl cutter performing at its best with the Roland DG Vinyl Cutter Self-Maintenance Kit. Designed specifically for the long-standing CAMM-1/CAMM-1 PRO, GS2-24, GR2, and GX series cutters, this self-maintenance kit is equipped with all the essential components needed to renew your machine. Whether your cutter has been in constant use for years or just needs a performance boost, this maintenance kit is your ultimate solution.

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Maintain your cutter properly with the self-maintenance kit which contains all the necessary replacement parts.

Included Items

  • Standard Cutting Blade
  • Cutter Pad
  • Blade Holder
  • Pinch Roller (M)
  • Pinch Roller (LR)
  • Sheet Cutter Blade Set
  • E-ring Holder (GR series does not include)