DES & EIZO Will Make Your Life Easier

For this EOFY, EIZO is addressing a major barrier to customers and encourage them to go for the award-winner ColorEdge monitors.


Many photographers and color management enthusiasts recognize the benefits to be gained from using an EIZO ColorEdge graphics monitor, but they might feel uncertain of how to drive it.


For the digital photography industry, you need to go through a lot of settings to calibrate your monitor and get it ready to be the optimum visual workspace; setting up white point, black point, luminance levels, colour gamut, gamma curve can be a bit frustrating at the beginning, yet while it all sounds like a lot to understand, it’s really just the same as discovering everything else in digital photography…
So get ready to put your cameras down and get your monitor running to enjoy working with the entire colour, detail and tonality, EIZO will enable you to do so with the absolute confidence that any changes you will make in post-production are being honestly displayed.  With the EIZO ColorEdge color management monitors, you will be able to accurately soft proof on the screen and see exactly what you image will look like printed on a range of different papers or display media.
For a limited time only, and exactly till June 30th, EIZO and DES have decided to make life much easier for you, DES is offering 10% off all EIZO ColorEdge monitors and EIZO will be providing DES customers with a full calibration class along with the purchase of any EIZO ColorEdge monitor.


This calibration class will cover the following:

  • Setting up and connecting the monitor with Windows or Mac OS
  • Setting up the working environment
  • Installing EIZO ColorNavigator software
  • Calibration targets – Colour Gamut, White point, Black point, Luminance, Gamma
  • Creating an ISO 3664 monitor profile for display independent of printed output
  • Creating an ISO 12646 monitor profile for soft proofing display
  • Creating custom soft proofing profiles to precisely match the monitor to various printing papers or media
  • Automating the monitors calibration

Classes will be conducted via live webinar, a link for registering your purchase and book your time slot will be provided once you purchase your EIZO ColorEdge monitor.
What are you waiting for?

A 10% discount and a free calibration class from the experts, hurry before it’s gone and shop online now.

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