New X-Rite eXact release!

The latest eXact release makes color measurement easier, smarter, and faster!

What are the updates? Let us tell you:

Simultaneous measurement of all M conditions.
This means, that in one measure, you can obtain data for M0, M1 Part 2 – for substrates and brighteners -, M2, and M3. This capability saves you time and improves usability by not having to worry about the toggle switch on the instrument for 95% use cases.

• The other 5% disclaimer: the user will only need to toggle when measuring fluorescent (neon) inks M1 Part 1. eXact remains the market leader in its ability to measure M1 Part 1, and now it can distinguish itself further with this simultaneous capability.

Create and customize color libraries and standards on the instrument.
Bonus: this improves usability as the press operator does not need to go to software but can create standards press-side without the use of eXact Manager. In addition, the user will be able to create standards with tolerances to meet the needs of their color requirements.

Bluetooth connectivity in the press room.
For existing instruments and new instruments, the new firmware improves Bluetooth pairing, and for new instruments, this update includes the latest version of Bluetooth technology.

Enhanced DataCatcher by allowing the dE*, TVI, and all other information for the instrument’s Current Function to be transferred to Excel.
This allows the user to seamlessly create and customize reports to meet specified workflow requirements

Start-up Wizard and Interface refresh.
eXact the most flexible and customizable instrument for the changing needs of the user’s workflow requirements. The user can now select the type of printer or application, and eXact will customize based on the typical requirements for that application.

Automatic updates of the Pantone Library.
We have also added a function for a brightener index – when measuring a substrate, it allows the user to measure brighteners in accordance with an ISO standard.

Please note:
All new eXacts will come with all features. Existing customers wanting to take advantage of the new Simultaneous Measure feature will have to send their instrument through factory RMA process for proper technical implementation. Additionally, all features are free for new customers. Below is updated pricing for the following:

Simultaneous M1 upgrade:
Firmware and software updates included with this release available on, November 19, 2018:
• eXact Firmware 4.0
• eXact Manager 1.7
• eXact DataMeasure 1.3.2
• DataCatcher 1.3.2

Why Choose eXact?
• Ensures the Utmost Color Quality Throughout the Entire Workflow
• Meets Quality Targets
• Reduces Waste and Easy-to-Use

eXact Basic Densitometer
The eXact Basic is an entry-level densitometer designed specifically for CMYK jobs, replacing visual trial and error with fact-based color control. Enabling press operators to shorten make ready times and achieve a new level of color consistency.

eXact Basic Plus Densitometer
The eXact Basic Plus is designed specifically for CMYK jobs and for press operators to compare production density measurements against stored standards with pass/fail indication and bring efficiency to pressroom operations.

eXact Standard Spectrophotometer
The eXact Standard spectrophotometer is specifically designed for printers and packaging converters to help ensure accurate printing of both CMYK and spot-colors as well as leveraging industry standards for press control.

eXact Advanced Spectrophotometer
The eXact Advanced meets the specific requirements of ink labs and quality control labs who must achieve the highest quality with the broadest toolset. It includes advanced functions to evaluate ink and paper prior to, during, and after print production.


Scan Option
Available as an option for the Standard and Advanced models, the eXact Scan is ideal for use in offset, digital, flexo, prepress, ink rooms, and other environments for spot measurement and scans to better understand, control, manage, and communicate color across the entire workflow.

Xp Option
All eXact models are available in a Xp model, specifically designed to help packaging printers and converters more accurately measure color on flexible film materials and other print and packaging substrates without the need for polarized measurements (M3).

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