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You hear it more and more often: companies that start as a webshop and only later create a real shop. Like Hengst Workwear from Steenwijk. The company sells safety shoes and work clothing through their webshop. It is a success, but customers wanted to see and try their clothes and shoes in advance. That is why Hengst Workwear opened a showroom and the sturdy, robust character of the brand was vital. With the help of Solvoprint Easy Dot 180 foil, the showroom was given a new look. In this blog, I tell you how this process went and of course, I’ll share the result!

Inspiration from Steenwijk

The sturdy, robust and warm character of the clothing and shoes provided the basis for the look of the showroom. The graphics department of Hengst Workwear did not have to look far for that. The structure and colours of the church in Steenwijk itself proved to be the perfect backdrop for graphic design. It not only provided beautiful pictures, the company immediately laid a link with the original location.

easy dot 180 hengst workwear 6

Wallcovering of extra thick Easy Dot foil

Once the creative process was completed, the designs could be printed. The choice of printing foils is huge, so the question was which variant best suited the wishes and requirements of Hengst Workwear. In the end, the combination of special dot-gluing and the thickness of 180 μ that Easy Dot 180 offers was the deciding factor. The extra thickness made this film ideal for very large surfaces because it is even easier and faster to apply than the regular Easy Dot. An additional advantage is that it is very opaque. This makes the dot structure of the dot glue less visible on the surface.

“The total picture appeals to our customers very much”

Rick Wiefferink of Stallion Workwear says: “The new wallcoverings give a nice matt background on which our large collection of safety shoes from Croford, Herock, Redbrick and Grisport come to the fore. We printed the foil on our Roland RF 640 printer. The overall picture as shown on the photos appeals to us and the customers because it gives a warm and robust appearance. We now only use Easy Dot 180. This foil shows less structure on the print side and is easier to apply because of its strength. “The result is a warm and robust showroom with an industrial look that matches the safety shoes and workwear from Hengst Workwear”.

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