Breathing Color Canvas, Fine Art Paper, Coatings & Varnishes

Breathing Color is a leading designer and supplier of award-winning digital inkjet media including canvas and fine art papers, prints coatings and varnishes.

Breathing Color aims to devote its passion to exceptional print quality in order to offer digital inkjet media products and solutions that stand out for their outstanding level of quality and concern to the different markets including fine art, photography and printing enthusiasts in Australia and worldwide.

Breathing Color commits and promises to deliver the latest advances in inkjet papers in the world, with inherent technical competitive advantages for the advanced professional users, through the analysis of every fine art canvas or paper within their product line, prior to their release into the marketplace. 

Questions about what products suit your business? Reach out to us on our contact page or by giving us a call on 1300 880 605.

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  • Breathing Color 800M Inkjet Canvas

    AU$148.50 INCL GST per ROLL
    3 - AU$123.26 per
    10 - AU$108.41 per
  • Breathing Color Elegance Velvet Platinum Inkjet Paper

    AU$189.20 INCL GST per ROLL
    3 - AU$157.04 per ROLL
    10 - AU$138.12 per ROLL
  • Breathing Color Lyve Inkjet Canvas

    AU$203.50 INCL GST per ROLL
    3 - AU$168.91 per ROLL
    10 - AU$148.56 per ROLL
  • Breathing Color Optica One Inkjet Paper

    AU$187.00 INCL GST per ROLL
    3 - AU$155.21 per ROLL
    10 - AU$136.51 per ROLL
  • Breathing Color Silverada Metallic Inkjet Canvas

    AU$55.00 INCL GST per ROLL
    3 - AU$45.65 per ROLL
    10 - AU$40.15 per ROLL
  • AU$222.20 INCL GST per GALLON
    3 - AU$184.43 per GALLON
    10 - AU$162.21 per GALLON
  • AU$45.10 INCL GST per PINT
    3 - AU$37.43 per PINT
    10 - AU$32.92 per PINT
  • Breathing Color Crystalline Satin Canvas

    WAS AU$297.00

    NOW AU$192.50 INCL GST

    per ROLL
    3 - AU$246.51 per
    10 - AU$216.81 per
  • Breathing Color 600Mt Textured Fine Art Paper

    AU$126.50 INCL GST per ROLL
    3 - AU$105.00 per ROLL
    10 - AU$92.35 per ROLL
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