The JUST Normlicht Virtual Proof Station is the first press-side viewing station that offers the unique computer controls to create an exact viewing environment match between monitors and press sheets. The Virtual Proof Station helps you take advantage of the opportunity to reduce costs by shortening the production cycle and establishing better, more accurate colour communications between everyone involved in colour decisions. The new self contained viewing area includes everything you need to create an ISO 3664 : 2009 compliant soft proofing area – anywhere in your facility.

per EACH



  • LLC (Luminace Level Control)
  • Light sensor adjusts luminance level.
  • Standardized lighting ISO 3664:2009
  • even illumination (+/- 250 Lux)
  • special fluorescent tubes JUST daylight 5000 proGraphic
  • asymmetrical light reflectors
  • state of the art prismatic, optical diffusion screen
  • glare- and shadow free
  • colour rendering quality CRI 8 = 98 / CRI 215 = 95,6
  • LED-hour counter with TLSI Technology
  • 2 shelves
  • Included in every proofStation is a standard VESA mount adapter with swivel arm for TFT-LCD monitors
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