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Why settle for less when you can have Neenah Coldenhove Jetcol® dye sublimation paper?

Jetcol® is a coated sublimation paper with an extremely high transfer yield – up to 97%. This dye sublimamtion transfer paper of Neenah Coldenhove offers unsurpassed transfer yield, thus reducing waste to minimum and helping you save on sublimation inks. The company's portfolio of different paper grades can serve all transfer sublimation needs. Therefore, whether you are looking to improve your image quality, colour properties, printing speed or efficiency we are able to support you in your printing process. We are able to offer sublimation transfer paper in a wide variety of weights and widths, depending on you specific need and sublimation printer settings.

It’s this quality that allows you to achieve the same results with every print job, bringing more predictability into your production.

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  • JETCOL® HTR1000 - 66gsm

    AU$268.40 INCL GST per ROLL
  • JETCOL® HTR3000 - 95gsm

    AU$781.00 INCL GST per ROLL
  • JETCOL® HTR3500 - 105gsm

    AU$264.00 INCL GST per ROLL
  • JETCOL® HTR4000 - 140gsm

    AU$264.00 INCL GST per ROLL
  • JETCOL® High Speed - 95gsm

    AU$308.00 INCL GST per EACH
  • JETCOL® Jet-X - 57gsm

    AU$297.00 INCL GST per ROLL
  • JETCOL® Thermal Adhesive - 85gsm

    AU$298.10 INCL GST per ROLL
  • Neenah Coldenhove JETCOL® DHS - 120gsm

    AU$129.60 INCL GST per BOX 2
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