JETCOL® HTR3500 - 105gsm


The solution to rivering

Jetcol® HTR3500has been developed to solve a quality challenge which occurs quite often in the dye sublimation industry, called “rivering”. Other industry names include “arching” and “treeing”.

Rivering takes place when the gasses that build up during the sublimation process seep out to the edges of the textile. We designed our Jetcol® HTR3500 paper with a special coating that prevents gas build up between the paper and the textile. The result is a very sharp image. OurJetcol® HTR3500 paper has a base weight of 105 gsm, and reduces rivering waste up to 99%. Of course, the Jetcol® HTR3500 also has a high transfer yield, which makes all Jetcol® grades stand out.

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  • Suitable for closely knitted textiles
  • Anti-rivering
  • Easy handling on printer, calender

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Download the technical specifications here

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