Neschen Easy Dot Chalkboard Black


New chalkboard film by NESCHEN - Like a printable chalkboard

Printable chalkboard film using the award winning Dot technology. Suitable for use with both traditional dry chalk and liquid chalk pens, this innovative chalkboard film can be cut to shape. Cleaning with wet sponge or cloth.

   - For writing and drawing with standard or liquid chalk
   - Suitable for cutting plotters
   - Printable with (eco-)solvent, latex and UV-curable inks



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  • Ideal for restaurants and hotels
  • Easy to apply thanks to easy dot®-technology
  • Works with both chalk and liquid chalk 

Recommended for indoor applications (at dry weather also short term outdoor use possible).



In order to be prepared for any imaginable challenge at the point of sale or at the interior design area of customers, NESCHEN further expanded the range of its bestseller easy dot® : the global leader of modern self-adhesive products  and high-quality coated media launches the new easy dot® chalkboard black, a  decorative print media which cannot only easily be printed, but information can also be applied with dry or liquid chalk – a film with dots like a printable chalkboard. easy dot® chalkboard black is another one of the products which is coated with a solvent-free and water-based adhesive of DOTEQ technology.

Cleaning with wet sponge or cloth

The black film is not just easily to be printed and cut, but you can also write on it with dry and liquid chalk”, says Rita Gerhard, product manager at NESCHEN. The easy dot chalkboard black is also easy to clean with a wet sponge or a cloth.” The material is applicable for chalkboards and also stand-up displays can be equipped with it and colourful motifs can brilliantly be printed on the white surface of UV-curing inks. Thus, the black, 180 µm thick und structured PVC-film is particularly suitable for seminar rooms, conference rooms, schools and kindergartens as well as restaurants and hotels where information must be updated frequently. “easy dot® chalkboard black clearly shows that we tailor our product development and our innovations specifically to our customer needs. The dot adhesive allows an easy application also for inexperienced users like owners of restaurants or kindergarten staff – a child’s play”, says Lars Woltermann, head of Corporate Marketing at NESCHEN.

Old or worn chalkboards and stand-up displays can easily be reconditioned by simply applying easy dot® chalkboard black on the surface. The film showed excellent results in the first practical test in the Krefeld café beans & sweets. There, easy dot® chalkboard black was used inside the café and on a stand-up display in front of the restaurant for writing the daily offers on. 

Dry and easy adhesion

Like all other products of the easy dot®- family, the black board film can be applied without bubbles and creases due to the adhesive dot coating with solvent-free and water-based adhesive developed by NESCHEN. Furthermore, the adhesive dots allow the user to reposition the film any time and to remove it from almost all surfaces without leaving any residue.


Neschen Easy Dot is an innovative award winning product that will save time and money when creating and installing wall, window, trade show graphics or stickers. The key to its ease of installation is the special dot patterned adhesive which creates air channels that allow for a bubble and wrinkle free installation. No special tools are needed - not even a squeegee!

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