The ColorMunki™ Photo is the ‘all-in-one integrated colour solution’ that gives photographers ultimate colour control for all their photo images. 


Designed for the digital workflow of social, wedding and portrait photographers – or anyone passionate about photography – ColorMunki Photo delivers an easy, quick and affordable solution for matching colours from display to print.


Developed with professional photographer input, ColorMunki Photo is a completely integrated, versatile solution that calibrates displays, projectors and printers, measures ambient light and captures spot colours. The new AppSet™ automatically sets the printer profile for the user. ColorMunki Photo also includes new, exciting colour creation and communication tools, such as automatically extracting colours from images and transporting images with DigitalPouch™ to ensure ViewSafe™ environments. ColorMunki Photo gives photographers ultimate colour control for their images.

AU$852.50 INCL GST
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  • Calibrate your display and match your print (plus calibrate your projector for perfect slide shows)
  • Automatically configure your application(s) for correct profile usage
  • Reassure that your images are viewed correctly at client site
  • Create colour palettes from images and other sources for your image editing needs
  • Be assured of precise monitor calibration in any mode (easy or advanced)
  • Super fast printer profiling that can rapidly scan test charts in less than a minute with no patch reading necessary
  • NEW RGB & CMYK Printer Profiling Technology; large 50 + 50 patches iterative process, plus photo specific optimization i.e. B&W and flesh tones
  • Project your images to your clients, family or friends with colour confidence and fast, accurate projector profiling
  • Easily and quickly capture the ambient light within a room or light box for a new level of precision 
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