Are you measuring your plates? You should be! Just think of the costs of incorrect plates. The lost time, make-ready costs and press down-time waiting for the corrections. It can add up to a lot of money, even on a typical job. Is it worth it? Can you afford not to have a plate measurement device?


iCPlate2 offers a high level of plate reading accuracy for standard plate reading applications. It offers high camera resolution, automatic calibration and very long battery life.


For standard plate reading applications, iCPlate2 offers a superior object recognition algorithm, coupled with an outstanding camera optics illumination system. The high resolution camera measures a wide variety of plate types, both positive and negative, no matter whether you are using AM, FM or hybrid screen types.

AU$10,912.00 INCL GST
per EACH
EACH (1)



  • Easy to use
  • Accurate. Simple. Efficient
  • Delivering highest measurement accuracy
  • New measurement modes
  • iCPlate 2 mode
  • FOGRA measuring bar FM support
  • Best for customers who regularly troubleshoot their plates. Reads dot area, screen ruling, dot size and screen angle.
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