When printers need special colours, delays in getting the right ink on press can cost precious time, result in costly waste and affect customer satisfaction.


InkFormulation software provides a fast, accurate and consistent ink formulation, formula creation, storage, approval and retrieval solution for offset, flexographic, gravure and screen-printing inks. The new InkFormulation 6 software gives ink suppliers and printers more flexibility over recipes and assortments, improves basic materials handling, automatically determines the right ink film thickness and helps to eliminate hazardous waste.


Thanks to a sophisticated math engine that provides better prediction of ink interactivity with substrates, InkFormulation 6 is able to rapidly calculate the optimal and most cost-effective recipe based on the printing process, ink, illumination, pigment pricing, and number of components and materials to be used. InkFormulation 6 helps printers and ink suppliers speed up the ink formulation workflow process (including special inks), with consistent, reproducible results on a broad variety of substrates and ink film thicknesses, including transparent films and metalized substrates. It also increases colour accuracy, helping to meet colour specifications better than ever before. 

AU$17,022.50 INCL GST
per EACH
EACH (1)



  • Software type : Upgrade
  • Platform : Windows
  • Min. free disk space: 120 MB
  • Min RAM : 256 MB
  • Minimum processor speed: 800 megahertz
  • Minimum processor family: Pentium III


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