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You can produce 100s of meters of print an hour, but how many staff does it take to finish it? It’s time to consider automated finishing from ZUND...

With its focus on innovation, Zünd has for decades been a driving force behind the astounding developments and growth in the graphics industry. The "simple" vinyl cutter/plotter of the past has evolved into a sophisticated, multifunctional digital cutting system capable of accurately matching cut to print while automatically processing a multitude of flexible and rigid substrates. The modularity of our digital cutting system guarantees that Zünd customers can continually benefit from the latest advances and keep their equipment "state-of-the-art", in the short and long term.

Zund cutters can "kiss cut" surfaces in an automated cutting process using modular cutting systems. Zund's CNC digital cutters provides a working area that is 3 times larger than the regular cutters, allowing printers to cut larger sheets. The upgradability is also one of Zund's most important features, so that you don't need to buy all the tools up front, but rather upgrade according to the job needed. 

Zund large format cutters are quiet when compared to other cutters, and this is why they can be placed inside offices and provide 24/7 reliability with low maintenance costs.
We are proud to be the Australian supplier of the Zund cutting line, and provide technical expertise in installation and service support. Call us at 1300 880 605.


G3 or S3. The size matters.


For more information call 1300 880 605 or fill the information to book a demonstration in Sydney. 




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