Foamalux Xtra Foam PVC

Make a greener choice - 80% recycled foam PVC.

From AU$27.50 Incl GST

Manufactured from recycled foam PVC recovered from production and post consumer signage waste, Foamalux Xtra Foam PVC is the green alternative. Foamalux Xtra comprises a recycled black core, sandwiched between one or two surfaces of premium quality virgin white PVC, providing the optimum surface for any sign and display application. Containing up to 80% recycled content Foamalux Xtra is the environmentally friendly sign and display solution.

  • Recycled black core
  • Bright white surface
  • Consistently smooth and even
  • Hard and resilient
  • Quality digital and screen printing
  • Excellent vinyl adhesion
  • Single or double sided sheet formats
  • Class 1 fire rating

This product is printable with UV inks.

  • 3 & 5mm: composite rigid foam PVC sheet with a base of recycled material and a co-extruded smooth surface of virgin material.
  • 10 & 19mm: composite of rigid foam PVC sheet with a core of recycled material sandwiched between two layers of co-extruded virgin material.