Canon Colorado 1650 Printer

The Colorado series are 64” roll-to-roll printers powered by the patented UVgel technology. Produce scratch-resistant, odourless prints that require no drying time and enjoy the rich, colourful, razor-sharp images and impressive application range that are the hallmarks of the gel advantage.

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The Canon Colorado 1650 wide format printer, powered by UVgel, will fill the gap between current technologies in the roll-to-roll production market. Print service providers now have a clear choice when it comes to a graphics printing system that will help deliver real production efficiency while lowering their operating costs, enabling them to profitably grow their business. Print volumes have continued to grow in the wide format marketplace for several years now and turnaround times continue to shrink as well. Analysts confirm that more than 40% of production jobs need to be turned around within 24 hours and a majority of those are same-day.

UVgel technology is at the heart of the Colorado series printers, a unique print-then-cure process using UVgel inks and UV LED curing. These inks form an ultra-thin, extremely durable layer on top of the media, even porous media that absorbs other inks. The result:

  • An excellent colour gamut, colour depth and light fastness
  • Certified low-odour prints, important for indoor usage
  • No drying time, so no waiting before finishing
  • High printing speeds up to 159 m2/hour for maximum productivity
  • Low-temperature, low-energy UV LED curing, enabling usage of heat sensitive media
  • Robust prints on a wide range of media


Canon UVgel Technology

FLXfinish technology

A unique print-then-cure process using UVgel inks and UV LED curing. These inks form an ultra-thin, extremely durable layer on top of the media. The gel droplets remain stable on the media, with minimal dot gain, making it possible to deposit more ink in fewer passes. The result is more efficient ink usage.


You can give any of your applications a gloss or matte finish without the need for special inks or media. For applications with a matte finish or when using porous media, a brief flash of UV light pins the UVgel droplets in place immediately after jetting, freezing the shape of every drop of ink. For a glossy finish, the droplets get a little more time to settle into a smooth, even layer.


  • Unprecedented levels of automation frees operators from loading and daily maintenance
  • High productivity and non-stop printing to meet customer demands
  • Robust, industrial production platform with low operating cost
  • UVgel 460 inks provide perfect image stability even when folded, bent or wrapped
  • FLX finish technology gives flawless glossy or luxurious matte finishes, independent of media finish
  • Excellent colour gamut, colour depth and light fastness
  • UVgel piezoelectric inkjet
  • New Flexible Ink
  • FLXfinish Technology
  • Maximum speed: 159 m²/hr
  • Maximum roll width: 64" (1625 mm)
  • UV LED Curing
  • Up to 1,800 dpi
Product Type Inkjet Printers
Ink Type UV Curable
Max Print Width 64 in
Ink Type UV Curable
Printing method Canon UVgel piezoelectric inkjet
Print resolution Up to 1,800 dpi
Ink types Canon UVgel 460 ink, CMYK (1-liter bottles)
Ink color CMYK
Ink packaging 2 x 1-liter ink bottle Ink reservoir can accommodate up to 2.5 liters per ink color
Printheads Canon UVgel 415 printheads (two per color)
Automatic maintenance PAINT constantly monitors and compensates for nozzle failures that can occur during printing Automatic maintenance performed in seconds, daily Refill ink while printing
Curing UV LED with FLXfinish, instant dry, low temperature
Roll width Up to 64" (1,625 mm)
Print margin 0.21" (5.3 mm)
Roll weight Up to 110 lb. (50 kg)
Roll diameter Up to 8.7" (220 mm)
Media thickness Up to 0.03" (0.8 mm)
Number of input rolls 2 rolls in PSO mode / 1 roll in PSI mode Automatic roll feeding and switching
Input roll feeding Compatible with rolls that are PSO or PSI Double-sided printing, leading edge support for flexible media
Size, Weight, & Power  
Printer dimensions (W x D x H) 119" x 43" x 52" (3,022 x 1,093 x 1,300 mm)
Printer weight 1,631 lb. (740 kg)
Power 2 inputs, each 200-240V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, 16/6 A.
Certifications Indoor AgBB (general), GREENGUARD GOLD (wall paper general), EN15102 (decorative wall coverings), Avery Dennison ICS Warranty***, 3M Performance Guarantee***
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Canon UVgel 460 InkCPP107010472
From AU$539.00 Incl GST