Accurate and consistent colour across multiple printing devices

PRESS MATCHER is the key to harmonising colour across your entire production fleet. From conventional presses to digital to wide format. If you are having challenges achieving colour accuracy across a wide variety of printing devices or simply looking for consistent repeatable colour on a single press, PRESS MATCHER is the answer.



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Accurate and consistent colour across multiple printing devices

It takes a lot of unnecessary effort to achieve consistent colour on different printing devices and different printing conditions without professional colour management software.

With PRESS MATCHER you can now calibrate your digital presses easily and reliably and maintain a consistent print quality across the fleet. The software lets you produce the same results on any device and repeat print jobs easily, quickly, and reliably at all time.

Whether there are international industry standards such as ISO, GRACoL, or SWOP or specially defined in-house standards of your customers - PRESS MATCHER is the ideal tool to handle all of your colour management requirements.

  • Accurate, consistent colour reproduction on different printing presses and processes
  • Easy repeatability of recurring print jobs
  • Colour matching and certification to in-house or industry standards such as ISO Coated v2 (FOGRA39), PSO Coated v3 (FOGRA51), GRACoL
  • Normalisation of print data including conversion of various file formats (e.g. PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG ...)
  • Optimal gray balance based on automatic color stabilisation
  • Media-relative colour matching
  • Use of CxF data as well as creation and application of spectral data
  • Create custom test charts for various measuring devices
  • Optimal use of the colour gamut of every output device thanks to wide-gamut workflow
  • Process optimisation and cost reduction with INK SAVER
  • Simple handling through intuitive, wizard-based user interface
  • Fully automated process
  • Easy integration into existing processes and workflows