Construction & Engineering

Construction & Engineering

Starleaton offers a comprehensive range of technical printers, CAD plotters, and print media for fast, cost-effective, and reliable results. Everyday hundreds of Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) professionals rely on our proven and tested range of technical printing solutions for the very best image quality, system performance, reliability, and durability from our industry-leading brands such as Chromajet, Helixx, and Epson.


With a foundation of over 40 years of experience, Starleaton has the know-how and the expertise to help streamline your workflow. In an industry where fast, high-accuracy prints are a must, CAD professionals rely on technical printers to get the job done!
The Starleaton range of technical printing solutions serves the demand for high-resolution documents, drawings, maps, plans, posters, and presentations for CAD/GIS production printing and AEC project collaboration. Our technical document range includes multi-function printers (MFPs), plan printers, plotters, inkjet printers, large format scanners, and consumables such as ink, paper, and films. Our solutions ensure fast and flexible technical printing with ultra-low running costs tailored for your specific business needs. You may opt for a stand-alone piece of kit or require integration into a network complete with remote management. To help your business go from strength to strength, Starleaton also provides technical support to ensure your office can focus on the details.

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Plotter and Inkjet Papers

Starleaton provides a wide range of inkjet media suitable for the application of CAD, line drawings, AED, and inkjet plan printing. Our bond inkjet paper is available in both sheets and rolls to suit your budget. Our collection includes premium brands Helixx and Chromajet. Whatever your next project, we have the paper to suit your business needs.

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Drafting Media

Our technical printing range includes media for manual drafting, drawing, and inkjet plan printing. Other products include: drafting films, butter paper, detail paper, tracing paper, translucent paper, and clear polyester inkjet media.
Our collection comprises premium brands Helixx and Chromajet.

Drafting Media
  • Papers & Films for Manual Drawing
  • Tracing Papers
  • Foam Core Board
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Printers & Accessories

Plot, copy, scan, and share - up to 44". Epson SureColor T-Series printers offer fast, precise, and reliable printing solutions for creative professionals from architects, engineers, and construction sites to graphic artists and product designers.

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Service & Support

At Starleaton, we don't just move boxes - We are committed to providing the highest quality technical support, training, and service. If you have an issue with your equipment, a quick call to our experienced team will swiftly resolve problems and get you and your production requirements back on track.

  • ICC Profile
  • Support
  • Product Training
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Chromajet & HELIXx Digital Inkjet Media

STARLEATON's own brands Chromajet and HELIXx® offer a wide range of papers including proofing, premium inkjet photo and poster papers in different finishes: gloss, metallic, satin/lustre, pearl or satin that are suitable for inkjet printing.