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Swiss engineering at its best. 

Even the smallest and most compact Zünd cutter can do the work of 4 people hand cutting. A compact Zünd running 8-hour days, 22 days per month works out to a monthly lease of approximately $16 per hour – and you won’t have the added costs of payroll taxes, sick days, training, and other expenses. After 5 years it is paid off and free labor. 


Experience the cutting-edge technology and unrivaled performance of the Zünd Digital Flatbed Cutter. As the leading manufacturer of multifunctional cutting/routing systems worldwide, Zünd has revolutionised the way businesses approach digital finishing in graphics, packaging, and various industrial applications.

With our G3/S3 and dual-beam D3 lines of flatbed cutters, we offer comprehensive solutions that cater to custom manufacturing as well as high-volume production scenarios. Now, we are thrilled to introduce the new Q-Line with BHS180, raising the bar for industrial, pallet-to-pallet production.

Unlock Unlimited Possibilities with Zünd's Flatbed Cutting System

Our professional flatbed cutting system presents an innovative solution for producing a diverse range of signage, displays, samples, packaging applications, and much more. Whether you're working with fabric, wood or acrylic, our advanced cutters/routers impress with their remarkable flexibility.

From cutting, creasing, to perforating, our flatbed cutters excel in delivering outstanding results. The wide range of materials and processing methods available make our cutting solutions universally applicable, helping you meet the growing demand for customisation and personalisation.


Unleash Your Creativity with Zünd's Cutting Power

The possibilities with Zünd cutters are truly endless. Depending on the size and model you choose, you can effortlessly process up to 3.2 meters wide corrugated cardboard on the same machine that masterfully cuts 110 mm packaging foam. Our high-performance tools can crease and cut all commonly used packaging materials, surpassing the competition in terms of quality and precision.


Achieve Seamless Integration and Efficiency

Zünd not only provides cutting-edge systems but also offers digital end-to-end production workflows that seamlessly integrate with your finishing processes. Our goal is to make your operations user-friendly, productive, and profitable. Say goodbye to complicated production cycles and welcome a streamlined workflow that maximises efficiency.


Flexibility and Upgradability Tailored to Your Needs

One of Zünd's key features is its flexibility and upgradability. We understand that your business requirements evolve over time. That's why we offer you the freedom to invest in tooling according to your immediate needs. At Starleaton, we have partnered with Zünd to launch the world's first Zünd Tool and Module Rental Program. This unique initiative allows you to combine the modules and tools you need from a wide range of options. Leverage our technical expertise and let us guide you in optimizing your production workflow for greater efficiency.


The perfect cutting system for every application

Starleaton carries the Zünd S3, the G3, and the D3 cutters, and all the tools and modules to tailor your cutter precisely to exceed your customers’ demands. Invest in cutting technology that is both powerful and future proof.


Zünd G3 Series
– Versatility & adaptability

Zünd S3 Series
– Speed & efficiency

Zünd D3 Series – Best-in-class productivity

Zünd G3 systems are the perfect platform for the wide range of substrates and applications most printers are confronted with these days. Purchase only the tools and material-handling automation you need—you can always add more as you increase your volume and expand your product offerings.  Zünd S3 systems offer a somewhat smaller footprint than G3, which allows them to fit into e.g. tight packaging design & prototyping areas. They are also uniquely designed for applications that benefit from high-speed processing, such as digitally printed fabric and other rolled materials. Just like G3, they offer a range of automation and material-handling options including robotic pick & place. With two beams operating simultaneously, the Zünd D3 is capable of doubling your productivity. Especially when paired with robotic material handling, such as Zünd’s fully automated BHS150 Board Handling System, the D3 offers reliable, non-stop automation with minimal personnel requirements for digital cutting at an industrial level.



We are proud to be the authorised Australian and New Zealand supplier of the Zünd cutting lines. With a team of application experts and engineers across the network, you can rest easy that you have our support from the very minute your Zünd is installed. See how others are improving their productivity, and learn how to follow in their footsteps - customer stories here >>


Looking to speak with an expert? Reach out to us on our contact page or by giving us a call on 1300 880 605.