Epson SureColor S80660L - 64"


The SureColor Solvent 80660L is designed to produce durable images with maximum impact and format flexibility, quickly, easily, and at minimum cost. It suits operation with a medium to high production volume and a structured workflow. It is compatible with a wide range of media and suits applications including high-value large format photo imaging, PANTONE® certified POS and signage, back-lit displays and window decorations, wallpapers, surface finishes and décor.

It incorporates the new integrated bulk ink systems for continuous ink supply which use large 1.5L bags for extended unattended production with a lower running cost.

It suits operations with a high production volume and structured workflow. Compatible with a wide range of media, it suits applications including outdoor signs and banners, screens and shades, vehicle wraps and decals, indoor backlit displays and POS, canvas pull-ups and vinyl labels.

Unlike many other signage printers, the 60660L printer runs off a standard power supply and uses ink that has a low odour to facilitate operation in a wide range of commercial, business and office environments.

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  • Superior Performance – DUAL Print Heads, 15L Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS), high capacity waste system, high capacity roll loading, high precision Auto Take Up (ATU), and blower style print drying system for efficient Roll to Roll production with remote status monitoring and job reporting.
  • Superior Media Support – Compatible with Paper, Canvas, Vinyl and Film stocks, in widths up to 1626mm (64-inch) and thicknesses up to 1mm, in rolls up to 45Kg & 250mm in diameter.
  • Superior Colour – Epson UltraChrome GS3 ink enables prints with high gloss, high dMax, and an enhanced gamut. The base 9c ink set expands the colour range to 98% PANTONE while there is an additional channel for optional operation with White or Metallic ink4.
  • Superior Print Quality – Epson Precision Dot Technology with PrecisionCore print heads and eco-solvent ink, advanced MicroWeave and LUT, for accurate and predictable colour. Intelligent feed management with Advanced Auto Tension Control (Ad-ATC) for accurate placement, sizing, and linearity.
  • Superior Integration – Compact design with flexible networking, runs off a standard 5A 240V power supply, suits operation in a wide variety of office and production environments.
  • Efficient Operation –One or more printers can be managed by a single operator with easy consumable loading. Incorporates auto skew correction and has a see-through platen cover with integrated lighting. Epson Edge Dashboard enables remote management and provides access to downloadable print and media profiles. Epson Edge Print enables quality production with a powerful yet easy to use interface2. The printer can also be used with a range of 3rd party RIP and workflow applications
  • Low Production Costs – Consumes very little power, produces quality output with minimal ink, does not require additional optimiser or finishing liquid, high durability print heads do not require regular replacement, bulk ink CISS system uses cost-effective bags.
  • Low Maintenance– Advanced self-cleaning print heads with integrated crash guard, self-agitating ink lines and ink recirculation system, integrated air circulation and filtration system.
  • Superior Reliability and Durability – Comprehensive 1 year on-site warranty with optional cover that can be extended up to a total of FIVE YEARS (including print heads).

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Max Media Width 64 inch
Print Head DUAL PrecisionCore TFP with advanced VSDT, auto nozzle status analysis & integrated guard
Print Operation Print Operation Epson Precision Dot Technology, Intelligent Media Feed System with Advanced Auto Tension Control (ad-ATC), auto head alignment, auto head cleaning, auto media setting, auto skew control, EMX media and print profile management system, self-agitating ink lines, white/metal channel recirculation system.
Print Modes Uni & Bi-directional
Nozzle Configuration 360 x 2 per colour per head
Maximum resolution 1440dpi x 1440dpi
Minimum Ink Droplet Size 4.2pl
Ink Type Pigment-based Solvent
Ink Family Epson Ultrachrome® GS3 & GS3+RED
Colours C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, Lk, Or, Rd + (optional/user adjustable) White or Metal
Storage 10 x 1.5L CISS
Waste System 4L reusable tank
Max Speed (9c) 95.1m²/hr (360 x 360dpi 1 pass)
Billboard High Speed (9c) 52.3m²/hr (360 x 720dpi 2 pass)
Billboard Production (9c) 31.6m²/hr (720 x 720dpi 4 pass HS)
Banner Production (9c) 18.2m²/hr (720 x 720dpi 6 pass)
Vinyl, Canvas & Paper Production (9c) 13.2m²/hr (720 x 720dpi 8 pass)
+ White (1 Layer) 12.5m²/hr (720 x 720dpi 8 pass)
+ White (2 Layer) 3.5m²/hr (720 x 1440dpi 32 pass)
+ Metal (1 Layer) 4.2m²/hr (720 x 1440dpi 20 pass)
+ Metal (2 Layer) 1.9m²/hr (720 x 1440dpi 40 pass)
Film Production (9c) 6.8m²/hr (720 x 1440dpi 16 pass)
+ White (1 Layer) 6.8m²/hr (720 x 1440dpi 16 pass)
+ White (2 Layer) 3.5m²/hr (720 x 1440dpi 32 pass)
+ Metal (1 Layer) 4.2m²/hr (720 x 1440dpi 20 pass)
+ Metal (2 Layer) 1.9m²/hr (720 x 1440dpi 40 pass)
Figures are based on print speed only and do not include provision for image processing time or transmission. Not all print modes are supported by all media and /or RIP software. Individual results are subject to variation due to a variety of configuration, operational, and image specific factors.
Loading Single Roll with 2" or 3" core, 250mm max outer diameter, 45kg max weight
Size 300 to 1626mm wide, 500mm min length, 1mm max thickness
Minimum Print Margins 5 mm left & right (10mm with guides)
Platen Gap 1.6/2.0/2.5mm
Heater Settings 30° to 50° C Pre & Platen, 30° to 55° C after (all three heaters individually adjustable)
Dryer Settings On/Off/Auto
Output Format Single sheet (manual cut)
Roll (integrated ATU supports 2" or 3" core with 200mm max outer diameter)
Control Panel 2.7” Colour LCD
Interface High Speed USB 2.0 & Ethernet 100Base-TX/1000Base-T
Memory Main: 2GB, Network: 128 MB
Power Supply 3 x 220-240V 5A, 50-60 Hz AC
Printer Physical 2,766 x 1,338 x 972 mm (WxHxD), 337Kg (no ink or media)
Control & Utility Software Epson Edge Dashboard, Epson Accounting Tool, Epson Communication Driver, Ep
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