Filmoplast P - Mending Paper Tape

A highly transparent mending tape that virtually disappears once burnished.

From AU$35.31 Incl GST

filmoplast® P is to repair, protect and embedd papers, attaching and joining torn pages, reattaching torn out pages, repairing torn pages, fixing thinner papers to passe-partouts, the suspension remains hidden.

Made of very thin, acid-free tissue coated with a self-adhesive. Tested by the Federal Institute for Materials Testing who reported a pH of 8.8 on un-aged tape and 8.1 on aged material. permanently elastic acrylate adhesive, buffered with CaCO3

  • 20 g/m² special paper, highly transparent
  • solvent-, acid and phthlatfree, ageing-resistant, nonyellowing, permanently elastic acrylic adhesive
  • silicone-paper release liner