PM22 Optically Clear Mount

Optically clear adhesive for face mounting.

P22 Optically Clear Mount is a premium, ultra-clear, double-sided adhesive film, specifically designed for face mounting to glass and acrylic. This product features an optically clear solvent adhesive with a polyester carrier, offering exceptional optical clarity and UV stability.

  • Crystal-Clear Mounting: Perfect clarity for glass and acrylic applications.
  • Long-Lasting UV Resistance: Maintains clarity over time.
  • Wide Application Range: Ideal for both professional and industrial use.
  • High-Quality Adhesive: Superior adhesion and smooth application.
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An optically clear solvent adhesive with a polyester carrier. Specifically designed for use when face mounting to glass and acrylic. Offering a high level of UV Protection it is also the ideal adhesive for mounting high-gloss graphics to aluminium.


  • Optimal Clarity: Ensures crystal-clear visibility with low haze and minimal distortion, ideal for face mounting.

  • High-Quality Adhesive: Utilises an optically clear solvent adhesive for seamless application and long-lasting adhesion.

  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for laminating photographic and inkjet images, used in various industries including automotive, industrial, and graphic markets.

  • UV Stability: Superior resistance to UV degradation, maintaining optical clarity over extended periods.

  • Durable and Reliable: Manufactured in clean-room conditions with advanced coating techniques for superior consistency and cleanliness.
Specification Category Details
Product Type Helixx P22 Optically Clear Mount
Adhesive Type Optically clear solvent adhesive
Carrier Material High-grade polyester
Optical Properties Excellent clarity, low haze, minimal distortion
Application Specifically designed for face mounting to glass and acrylic
UV Stability Excellent, ensuring durability and clarity
Applications Window graphics, signage, image mounting, touch screens, backlit graphics
Width Availability Up to 1520mm
Roll Length From 50m
Peel Adhesion 9.6 (initial), 12.8 (24 hours) N/25mm @ 23˚C 50% RH
Shear Resistance >1000 seconds
Temperature Range -40°C to +135°C
Outdoor Durability Two years under vertical exposure conditions


Characteristic Specification Unit of Measure Test Method
Liner 1 25µ ± 10%   FTM 12
Adhesive 23gsm ± 10%  
Carrier 25µ ± 10%  
Adhesive (Second Layer) 23gsm ± 10%  
Liner 2 25µ ± 10%  
Peel Adhesion (Initial) 9.6 N/25mm @ 23˚C 50% RH FTM 1
Peel Adhesion (24 hours) 12.8 N/25mm @ 23˚C 50% RH
Shear Resistance >1000 Seconds FTM 8
Dimensional Stability Excellent mm FTM 14
Chemical Resistance Good    
Min. Application Temperature +4°C    
Service Temperature Range -40°C to +135°C    
Outdoor Durability Two years Vertical exposure conditions  


Full technical datasheets available on request. The representations of performance and suitability for use contained in this data sheet are meant only as a guide. Since only the user is aware of the specific conditions in which the product is to be used, it is the user's responsibility to determine whether the product is suitable for that intended use