Achieve incredible photo quality on hard substrates. Jetcol® DHS sublimation transfer paper has revolutionised sublimation printing with it's photographic quality prints, shorter press times and ink savings. This sublimation paper works on hard surfaces and t-shirts.

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JETCOL® DHS 120gsm dye sublimation transfer paper makes it easier than ever before to transfer professional digital photography images on to hard surfaces.


Improve your bottom-line without increasing cost.

Spend less time pressing your printed sublimation graphics to your substrate with the JETCOL® DHS Sublimation Paper. With a 50% shorter transfer time, you can create more finished products and really ramp up your production time.

By keeping the sublimation ink towards the surface of the paper, Jetcol paper can save you up to 40% in ink costs compared to other papers as well as shorten press times. When comparing the Jetcol paper to other standard papers, you'll instantly see how this paper will save you on ink costs. With Jetcol paper, more ink transfers to the substrate, giving you more vibrant and richer colour transferred to your final project.


This dye-sub transfer paper is perfect for use on hard substrates such as personalised consumables: water bottles, mugs, tiles, tumblers and phone covers and also for industrial applications like aluminum ChromaLuxe® panels, wood, glass and more!

As an added feature, Jetcol DHS paper comes with a printed grid pattern on the back of the paper, making it a snap to determine which side of the paper needs to be placed on the substrate and to align images quickly.

Neenah Coldenhove supports ICC profiling, resulting in crisp and clear colours, thanks to both the high transfer ink yield and the innovative new coating.


JETCOL® DHS is available at Starleaton in the most popular roll sizes. The 430mm and 610mm rolls have 2-inch cores which are ideal for use on both the Epson F560 and Epson F561.

  • Weight: 120gsm
  • Market: Decor Hard Surface, Promotional Hard Surface
  • Roll width: 43 cm, 61cm, 112 c, sheets*
  • Print complex images with stunning photographic quality results
  • Printable by desktop and wide format dye sublimation ink jet printers
  • High transfer yield
  • Shorter transfer time
  • Large colour gamut
  • Fast drying speed
  • Image must be printed in reverse
  • Print on the side without the grid
  • FSC Certified


*on request