JETCOL® Thermal Adhesive

Sharp imaging without colour bleeding! Jetcol® Thermal Adhesive (TA) is a specially coated paper which sticks firmly to the textile during the sublimation process – without leaving a sticky residue on the textile. Ideal for sportswear applications.

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Good sports boost productivity on all levels but not without the special sports garments.

Sports garments are an essential element in sports performance. The required properties of high quality sportswear such as stretch ability and colour brilliance differ in each and every application. That is why Neenah Coldenhove has developed a family of sticky sublimation papers with various grammages and different tack levels for printing on sportswear. With this family, you are ready to print high quality sportswear in every application.

Jetcol® TA (Thermal Adhesive) is a specially coated grade which ensures that the paper sticks to the textile during the sublimation process during the sublimation process, but without leaving a sticky residue on the textile. When the textile and paper adhere throughout the process, the end result is extremely sharp imaging without any bleeding of colours.

Jetcol® TA can be used on the traditional plotters but also on today’s fast printers. This paper has a weight of 85 or 105* gsm and the highly appreciated Jetcol® characteristics, like a high transfer yield and bright colours.

  • Weight: 85gsm
  • Market: Fashion, Sportswear
  • Roll width: 162 cm, 132 cm, 112 cm*
  • Adhesive paper
  • Suitable for various types of elastic fabrics
  • Minimises ghosting, shadow lines


* on request