Easy Dot - The Original

Easy to apply. Easy to remove.

From AU$470.80 Incl GST

Easy Dot is a unique 100 µm easy apply vinyl with the adhesive applied in "dots" rather than in a traditional smooth coating. This allows bubble free and simple application with air being able to travel between the dots. Residue-free removable from most surfaces.

Product NameProduct CodePrice (INC GST)
Easy Dot ClearSVEED100C
From AU$606.10 Incl GST
Easy Dot PP IndigoNEED145MPPWBI
From AU$184.80 Incl GST
Easy Dot Print'N'WalkNPNW
From AU$751.30 Incl GST
Easy Dot ChalkboardSVEED100CB
From AU$303.60 Incl GST
Easy Dot TransparentSVEED100T
From AU$606.10 Incl GST
Easy Dot WhiteoutSVEED100W
From AU$523.60 Incl GST
Easy Dot 180SVEED180
From AU$481.80 Incl GST