Neschen Easy Dot PET L-UV Transparent

The new ultra transparent PVC-free easy dot® 

After the successful launch of easy dot® PET matt L-UV, Neschen now presents the new easy dot® PET transparent L-UV! An environmentally friendly transparent easy dot® film with excellent see-through properties.

Specially developed for use on glass and window surfaces indoors, the highly transparent film also features the proven water-based and solvent-free easy dot® adhesive technology, which ensures easy handling and durability at the same time. 

easy dot® PET transparent L-UV is a printable, ultra transparent self-adhesive PET film. The PVC-free film features the proven easy dot® technology. Therefore, it can be applied without bubbles and removed again if necessary. easy dot® PET transparent L-UV is ideal for smooth substrates indoors.

Because of its crystal-clear transparency, unprinted areas remain absolutely transparent. If required, easy dot® PET transparent L-UV can also be combined with PP matt backing. The white special film serves as a laminate and completely replaces a full-area white print. This saves ink, time and money, making it ideal for environmentally friendly composite applications with transparent media.

Thanks to the higher polymer stiffness, the new easy dot® PET transparent L-UV needs around 25% less material than comparable PVC products to achieve the same haptic, thus significantly reducing end of life waste volumes. 

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  • 75 μm environmentally friendly polyester film
  • PVC-free
  • Transparent with excellent optical clarity
  • Up to 25% less material than PVC film
  • Perfect for kiss cutting without cutting the liner
  • easy dot® adhesive technology for a fast, easy and bubble-free application
  • Very good print quality
  • Very good flatness
  • Perfect for kiss cutting without cutting the liner
  • Removable without residue
  • Especially developed for UV-curable and latex-inks (HP latex certified)
  • Dimensionally stable, exhibits no shrinkage and is scratch-resistant after printing with UV
  Film type PET- Film, transparent, glossy, with prime coat
  Thickness [µm] Ca. 75 approx.: 3.0 mil
   Weight [g/m2] Ca. 105
  visible gel particles in principle, the visibility of single gel particles cannot be ruled out
   L*a*b* value in principle, colour deviations cannot be ruled out
  Adhesive type polyacrylate dispersion, dots
  pH-value approx. 7,0
  Adhesive strength [N/25 mm] 10 min: > 0,1 24h: > 0,2 AFERA 4001
  Type one- sided siliconised PE-paper, white
  Thickness [μm] 155 ± 10 approx. 6.1mil
  Weight [g/m2] 140 ± 7
  Removal force [mN/cm] 40-80 speed 300 mm/min
  Storage conditions 18° - 25°C / 64 - 77°F;
40 - 65% rrelative humidity
  Shelf Life [Years] 1
  Indoor conditions for processing 18° - 25°C / 64 - 77°F
  End-use temperature range: -30°C bis +100°C -22° F to +212° F affixed to aluminium
All tests were performed in accordance with 23/50-2, DIN 50014.
*Finat 14, 6. Ausgabe 2001/ Finat 14, 6th edition 2001