Gudy 870 Mounting Film

Carrier-free transparent adhesive film for use on flexible substrates.
The carrierless mounting film gudy 870 is an excellent choice for the production of high-quality cold laminations of digital or analogue prints or drawings on various stiff board materials such as aluminium, rigid foam, Forex, polycarbonate or polystyrene. 

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The unsupported water-based adhesive is acid-free, solvent-free acrylic that won’t yellow or dry out. Ideal for images that are mounted to a flexible substrate, but also suitable for mounting posters or prints in albums and for dry-mounting.

Easily applied by hand without heat or laminators. Just press and then peel off the liner to apply. The adhesive is particularly useful for colour inkjet images that are easily damaged by heat. Transfer adhesive has no build-up, remains inconspicuous and is especially good for use on smooth, flexible substrates. This adhesive film will not pull loose from a sheet to which it has been applied even when being cut or sawn any more than it does upon removing the liner. Gudy 870 should be worked with much like any self-adhesive film or self-adhesive non-woven paper.

  • 40 µm thin, carrier-free, permanent adhesive – transfer adhesive
  • transparent
  • one paper release liner, the adhesive on one side is exposed and self-wound onto the roll
  • no adhesive release when sawing, cutting or removing backing paper
  • for indoor and outdoor applications
  • environmentally friendly waterbased adhesive
  • Acid free (pH 7)
  • will not dry out or discolour with age
  • Photograpic Activity Test (PAT) ISO 18916 certified by the Image Permanace Institut, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • dimensionally stable and ageing-resistant

Product Structure

  • Backing: double-sided siliconised glassine paper
  • Adhesive: waterbased polyacrylate, permanent


Adhesive type  polyacrylate dispersion  
pH-value approx. 7,0  
Adhesive strength [N/25 mm] 10 min: > 5.4
24h: > 8.8
(AFERA 4001)
Type doublesided siliconised Glassine paper, white  
Thickness [µm]  75± 5  approx. 3 mil
Weight [g/m2] 93± 5  
Removal force [mN/cm] 25±8 speed 300 mm/min

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