Eclipse Premium Solvent Canvas Metallic 380gsm

Pearl Metallic Canvas for Eye-Catching Prints

Unique metallic pearl finish inkjet canvas with a wide colour gamut and high sheen finish. Designed for high-definition photo and art prints, indoor/outdoor signage. No cracking or lamination required.

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Pearl Metallic Canvas for Eye-Catching Prints

Discover the luminescent beauty of Eclipse Premium Solvent Canvas Metallic. With a 17 Mil Pearl Metallic surface, this unique canvas fuses 35% cotton and 65% polyester, giving your images an outstanding, eye-catching appearance. Its fine weave and embedded fluorescent metallic pigments provide stunning colour definition, making it ideal for photographic prints, fine art, and eye-catching signage.

Engineered to be compatible with EcoSol and high-grade solvent inks, it offers water resistance, perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. The material can be stretched without cracking and requires no lamination, offering optimal performance with stretching equipment. Elevate your visual projects with the vivid and enduring impact of Eclipse Premium Solvent Canvas Metallic.

  • Compatible with eco-sol and solvent inks
  • Unique metallic pearl finish
  • Abrasion resistant surface
  • Superior colour brilliance and image definition
  • Stretches without cracking
  • No lamination required
  • High water resistance
  • Poly-cotton blend
  • Fine weave
  • Ideal for photographic and art prints
  • Indoor / outdoor signage, backdrops and murals
  • Great for stretching equipment
Physical Properties Results Unit Standard
Weight 380 gsm ISO 536
Thickness 17 mil ISO 534
Gloss (@ 60°) 2    
Weave Oxford 1 over 1    

Compatible With Most Latex, Solvent & Eco Solvent Printers