Wall Grip PP L-UV

The green alternative for difficult surfaces: Discover a PVC-free high-tack adhesive film for a variety of creative wall decors.

Neschen PP wall-grip L-UV is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. From sand textured plaster and concrete to untreated chipboard and low-energy surfaces such as PP-based boards – the high-performance adhesive provides excellent adhesion.

Neschens PP wall-grip is an excellent product for environmentally conscious customers: The high-performance film is one of the few PVC-free wall films on the market and furthermore features a water-based adhesive.

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New PP wall-grip for quick turnaround wall decorations.

The white PP-film is designed for difficult surfaces. From rough plaster, bare concrete and untreated chipboard to low-energy surfaces like PP-based panels – the high-tack adhesive creates a strong grip.

This non PVC print vinyl is a top product for environmentally conscious customers. Besides its water-based adhesive, it's also one of the rare PVC-free, self-adhesive wall graphics products on the market.

The wall cover can be applied in indoor and outdoor areas, giving customers a wide range of possibilities. The PP film is suited for latex (HP certified) and UV-curable inks. Its brilliant print quality makes PP wall-grip an exceptional medium for eye-catching advertising or store designs.

Wall Grip PP L-UV offers two available textures – smooth and sand. The sand structure authentically resembles the look of real wallpaper, giving customers the creative freedom of wall graphics, while maintaining the high-quality look of wallpaper.

Due to its high tear resistance, PP wall-grip is easier to remove than real wallpaper, making it ideal for quickly changing promotions.

  • 90 / 120 µm white, polypropylene film
  • PVC-, phthalate- and cadmium-free product
  • white, matt surface with sand structure
  • high-tack, permanently elastic acrylic adhesive
  • environment-friendly, water-based formulation
  • for printing with latex- and UV-curable inks
  • HP Latex Inks 3. generation certified (HP L300 & L500 series)
  • highest colour brilliance and dimensional stability
  • the base paper of our release liner comes from a PEFC-certified source
  • R9 certified (IFA DIN 51130), after being printed with UV-curable inks
  • B1 test certificate according to DIN 4102-1
  • 3-inch core, printside outside