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Semi matt proofing paper for the simulation of FOGRA51.
eXact 260 - FOGRA 51 Proofing Paper
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Premium FOGRA certified ISO proofing paper. glossy or semi matt
Spectrum 255 - FOGRA Proofing Paper
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Premium semi matt microporous coated proofing paper.
Precision 260 Inkjet Proofing Paper
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HELIXx® Fogra Proofing Paper Semi-Matt 245gsm
Fogra Proofing Paper 245
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EFI 4245 Inkjet Paper Semi Matt
EFI 4245 Inkjet Paper Semi Matt
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Packproof 330
Packproof 330
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Newsproof 80 Inkjet Proofing Paper
Newsproof 80 Inkjet Proofing Paper
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7 Items

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Premium Quality Proofing Paper

Capture the precision and vibrancy of your designs with our range of proofing papers. Designed specifically to mimic the final printed product, proofing paper is an essential tool for professionals in the graphic arts, photography, and printing industries. Whether you're seeking to approve colour accuracy, test print quality, or ensure that your vision translates perfectly onto the final medium, our selection of proofing papers is tailored to meet the demands of your projects. 


Why Choose Our Products?

  • Rich Colours: Our top-tier offerings not only boast a remarkably expansive colour spectrum but also adeptly handle the most intricate spot colours. From subtle pastel tints to the most vivid green hues, our papers seamlessly reproduce both light and dark shades. Meeting established benchmarks like Fogra is foundational for our collection.

  • Precision Made: Many of our products are precisely engineered with an unwavering attention to detail. This ensures an exceptionally consistent colour spectrum under Fogra 39 or Fogra 51 printing conditions.

  • Diverse Range: From matte to glossy finishes, and lightweight to heavyweight options, find the perfect paper for your project's requirements.

  • Compatible with Leading Printers: Designed for use with today's leading digital printing machines, ensuring consistent and optimal print quality. Compatible with Aqueous (both dye and pigment-based), Indigo, and Latex printers, it promises flawless prints regardless of your chosen print technology.

  • Trusted Expertise: When the standards change or when you're curious about new things, know we're here to help.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Many of our options are sustainably sourced, ensuring you can print without harming the planet.


Dive into our collection to find the best match for your printing needs:

Substrate Chromajet Exact 260 Chromajet Viso 200 Chromajet Spectrum 255 Satin Chromajet Spectrum 255 Glossy EFI Proof Paper 4245 HELIXx® Fogra Proofing Paper Semi-Matt 245gsm
Weight g/m2 255 ± 10 200 ±10 255 ± 10 255 ± 10 250 ± 8 246
Thickness μm 270 ± 12 207 ±12 260 ± 12 260 ± 12 260 ± 8 239
CIE Whiteness %   99 ± 4 101 ± 3 101 ± 3   >94
Opacity 96 ± 3 94 ± 3 96 ± 3 96 ± 4  96 ± 4 >94
OBA category Low Moderate Low Low Low Free
OBA value 6.8 9.3 6.6 6.1 7.4 0.3
Paper type Semimatte Semimatte Semimatte Glossy Semimatte Semimatte
Gloss value 53 53.3 50.1 64.5 47.1 46.2
White point M0 93.7,0.4,-4.3 93.7,-0.0,-3.0 93.8,-0.3,-3.4 93.4,-0.8,-4.8 94.1,0.4,-1.9 93.9,-0.6,-2.4
White point M1 94.9,0.4,-3.0 95.7,0.2,-3.3 94.9,-0.4,-2.4 94.5,-0.7,-3.7 94.2,0.4,-2.7 94.1,-0.5,-2.5
Suitable for the simulation of according to ISO 12647-2:2013 FOGRA39, FOGRA51, PC1  FOGRA39, FOGRA51, PC1  FOGRA39, FOGRA51, PC1  FOGRA39, FOGRA51, PC1  FOGRA39, FOGRA51, PC1  FOGRA39, FOGRA51, PC2
FOGRA Certified Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Suitable as backing No No No No No No
Number of layers 2 3 2 2 2 2



  • Graphic Design: Review designs with clients or finalise artwork before a large print run.
  • Photography: Ensure photos look exactly as intended before printing in albums or for exhibits.
  • Publishing: Perfect for proofreading and finalising layouts for books, magazines, and other print materials.

Browse through our extensive range to find the perfect match for your needs. With a commitment to excellence and an eye for precision, our proofing paper collection is the trusted choice for professionals who demand nothing but the best.