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High performance Cast Vinyl Media | Self Adhesive Digital Print Media

Discover our high-performance cast vinyl media, ideal for self-adhesive digital print applications. Enhance your prints with our premium digital print media products.

Cast vinyl is the top-tier choice for long-term and high-quality applications. It is manufactured using a casting process, where liquid vinyl is poured onto a casting sheet and allowed to cure. This manufacturing method produces a material with excellent conformability and durability. Cast vinyl is highly flexible and can conform to complex curves and irregular surfaces, such as vehicle wraps, textured walls, and architectural applications. It has the longest lifespan among the three types, typically ranging from 7-10 years or more, depending on the quality.

When to Use Cast Vinyl:

  • Long-term outdoor signage and displays
  • Vehicle wraps (especially on complex curves and contours)
  • Architectural and fleet graphics
  • Marine applications
  • Projects requiring the highest level of durability and visual impact

Understanding the distinctions between monomeric, polymeric, and cast vinyl is essential for selecting the most appropriate material for your project. While monomeric vinyl is suitable for short-term, budget-conscious endeavors, polymeric vinyl offers improved durability and versatility. Cast vinyl is the preferred choice for long-term outdoor applications, vehicle wraps, or any project that requires excellent conformability to complex surfaces.