Just Daylight 5000 Prographic Lamps


When it comes to viewing accurate, true colour, all light is not equal. In fact, the wrong light can alter the appearance of your proofs, creating costly production errors. The exceptional quality of JUST Normlicht’s Philips OCM-certified* Daylight 5000 proGraphic Fluorescent Tubes sheds true light on your workstation, dramatically reducing the need for extra work and multiple corrections.
The Daylight 5000 proGraphic Fluorescent Tubes illuminate colours with crystal clarity. The only fluorescent tubes on the market to be produced with the innovative 4-band technology, they achieve unparalleled spectral qualities for accurate colour proofing every time.
per EACH
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  • Philips OCM-Certified Quality
  • D50 colour quality
  • compliance with the critical demands of
  • ISO 3664:2000
  • Manufactured to meet and exceed ISO 3664:2000
  • Independently certified to meet the stringent tolerances of JUST Normlicht that exceed ISO standards
  • Produced with 4-band technology to significantly improve spectral properties 
  • Developed with 4 phosphors for consistent replication of D50 light curve
  • Environmentally friendly with less than 5 mg of mercury in each tube
  • Rated at the highest Color Rendering Index > 98 in the Graphic Arts and Photo Industry
  • Standardized D50-5000 Kelvin lighting
  • Rated with a metamerism index far lower than 1


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