Xrite Exact Basic Plus


By leveraging the eXact Basic Plus print and packaging operations can rest assured that color accuracy and consistency will be applied through the entire print process. In addition to measuring CMYK, Density, and Tone Value, this densitometer is designed specifically to allow operators to compare to standards with Pass/Fail indication and provides additional functions, such as Trapping, Contrast, Trend View and Print Curve View. As part of the comprehensive eXact family of products, the eXact Basic Plus is the ideal choice for those who print CMYK in the pressroom and verify all aspects for density.

The eXact Basic Plus is also available in a Xp model, that is specifically designed to solve the unique challenges of measuring flexible films.

Item code: XRNGHXRA20AU



  • Designed to meet standards and tolerances, no matter how exacting. Supports all leading print specifications so printers and converters can efficiently monitor colour processes.
  • eXact’s BestMatch function helps press operators keep colour on target even before colour shifts are visible with recommendations for ink adjustments to achieve the best match, reducing waste during press runs.
  • A choice of four different aperture sizes (1.5, 2, 4 or 6 mm) to enable measurement across a wide range of applications in print and packaging.
  • When used with NetProfiler, eXact can manage and monitor colour performance on an enterprise level, providing consistent quality measurements across shifts departments and sites.
  • The only instrument on the market that can capture M0, M2 and M3 measurements in a single pass AND measure true M1 Part One as specified in ISO-3664.

By deploying X-Rite eXact spectrophotometers, print and packaging operations can significantly reduce makeready times, improve quality, reduce substrate and ink waste and enjoy a more efficient workforce. It is the first instrument in the marketplace to combine unique hardware and software into a single integrated, scalable solution that helps operations get colour right the first time, right every time.

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