Fire Rated Media

Flammability testing is arguably on of the most important testing procedures within our industry because it has crucial safety implications in the event of an fire. Unfortunately, there is no single flammability standard which has been adopted as the norm throughout the world and as most of our products are imported from Europe, you will notice different types of fire ratings.

International fire protection standards

The European standard has been established to replace the numerous national standards of its member states. Currently B1 and M1 certificates are the most popular ones and enjoy a high reputation on the international markets.

It is the objective of the European standard DIN EN 13501-1 to unify national standards. The European classification for building material’s behaviour in fire covers additional parameters, such as smoke development and burning droplets. In France, Luxembourg and Belgium a test called “Brûleur Électrique” is carried out, subject to the standard NFP 92503 M1. The test result of M1 has an even higher value than the German B1 certification, meaning it is harder to meet the M1 then the B1 requirements. 

Some products, especially those from Australia, may have been tested to AS/NZS 3837.

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