Breathing Color Silverada Metallic Inkjet Canvas


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Silverada is a "silver metallic" fine art canvas, created from an optimal blend of metallic, silver, and pearlescent surface finishes. Silverada delivers an extremely high dmax, wide colour gamut, and crisp resolution without the use of optical brighteners. All characteristics that have become the hallmark of the Breathing Color brand. Silverada metallic canvas is compatible with most aqueous pigmented and dye inks and works GREAT with photo black ink! If using matte black, the blacks will tend to smudge/smear and your prints will need to be varnished using a spray technique after printing to prevent smearing. This canvas is compatible with all Epson, Canon & HP Printers. This product is compatible with Aqueous inks.

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  • 17 MIL

  • 380GSM


  • OBA-FREE, YET STILL BRIGHT WHITE Called "Chromata White", this breakthrough technology has set Breathing Color apart for years. Normally, OBA-Free products have a yellowish surface. "Chromata White" technology, released in 2005, forever changed this by delivering OBA-Free with the desired bright white surface. This answered the needs of customers to maximize the longevity of their prints while maintaining the most popular and desired look. Crystalline is the only OBA-Free bright white glossy canvas ever developed. "Chromata White" gives the end-user the most stable platform on which to print photographs and fine art giclees without the metamerism issues or colour shift issues inherent on other canvases. Optical Brighteners compromise the attainment of true colour, they complicate profiling accuracy and they inevitably deteriorate and yellow over time. 

  • NO VARNISH REQUIRED While we recommend coating all aqueous canvas prints, Silverada's formulation does not require a varnish. For additional protection, you can use the Timeless, Glamour II or Hahnemühle varnishes. If you plan to varnish this canvas, it must be applied via HVLP spray.  

    With the Silverada Canvas, hand-rolling a water-based print varnish is not recommended and will more than likely lift the ink from your print.

  • WATER-RESISTANT Lack of water-resistance is a commonly known problem with most uncoated canvas prints. Not anymore. Silverada delivers an increased level of water-resistance.

  • INCREDIBLE SCUFF RESISTANCE Even without print varnish, Silverada prints are highly resistant to scuffing and/or abrasion. 

Documents & Video

Documents & Video

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Type of Material 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
Basis Weight 380gsm
Caliper 17mil
Gloss (@60°) 10.5
Texture 10.5 microns
CIE Color F7/2º L* 92 a*=0.1 b*=2.6
Fabric Weave 1-over-1
Aqueous Inkjet Compatibility Canon® , Epson® , Hewlett-Packard® , Roland® , Mutoh® , Mimaki ® , ColorSpan® , Encad Novajet®
Solvent Printer Compatibility N/A
Ink Compatibility All dye and pigment inks
Optimal Printing Environment 70°F (21°C) / 30-70% relative humidity
Handling Avoid touching the coated surface of the paper. Cotton gloves should be used when handling inkjet coated materials from Breathing Color. Note: coated sur- face of every roll faces outward.
Storage 70°F (21°C) / 50% relative humidity. Store in original packaging and in a con- trolled environment.
Shelf Life Minimum 1 year from purchase date when stored as specified.
Lamination Not required. May laminate using spray method.
Print Settings & ICC Profiles Custom ICC profiles will produce optimum results.


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