Fine Art & Picture Framing


Picture framing can be a challenge when presented with a variety of materials: Valuable original artworks or historical documents require a different approach than photographs. Nevertheless, every project deserves reliable solutions.

For decades, Neschen products have been a high-quality solution for a variety of customer demands. The portfolio offers films and tapes for mounting and framing of photos, fine art prints, Baryta papers, or passe-partouts. Neschen’s Gudy® range has made a name for itself for professional face mountings of inkjet papers behind acrylic glass or the high- end adhesion of fine art papers to board materials.

The mounting film for classic photo and digital prints on a wide range of backgrounds such as Forex, hard foam panels, coated particle boards, smooth PVC surfaces, polystyrene, aluminium and more.


Dispenser with removable self-adhesive dots, offers a transparent transfer adhesive and is perfectly suited for bonding of photos and fine art prints. The dot-shaped adhesive allows for a very clean, fast and bubble-free application.

Outstanding results: Our Filmoplast® P, P90 and P90Plus tapes are perfect for fixing originals to passe-partout frames.The tape guarantees that the suspension remains hidden, even when working with very thin papers.

There's a lot more to this range than removable or permanent adhesive... Picking the right product will save you time, money, and most importantly - save you from worrying about your product performing in the field. NESCHEN offers a huge range of adhesives which can generate a lot of questions. We're here to help you choose what you need to make your project run perfectly. To learn more of our offering, or simply give us a call to discuss your needs.

You can order online from anywhere in Australia or call us at 1300 880 605 for further information.

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