Neschen Filmoplast P


transparent framers‘ tape

Originally designed for archives and mending torn documents, filmoplast P uses a 20gsm thin transparent, self-adhesive paper that becomes virtually invisible upon application. Professional framers have found it to be ideal for hinging works of art done on light weight rice paper where you do not want the hinge to show through. In addition, filmoplast P with its non-yellowing age-resistant adhesive is ideal for mending torn paper.

Both the paper carrier and adhesive are mildly buffered with CaCo3 and can be removed from stable paper surfaces. Each roll comes packaged in its own dispenser box.

per ROLL



Repair, protection and embedding of papers, attaching and joining torn pages, reattaching torn out pages, repairing torn pages, fixing thinner papers to passe-partouts, the suspension remains hidden.

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