Planhorse Clamp


The Planhorse Clamp System enables groups of sheets to be filed and worked upon in proper order.  Each clamp holds with the same strong grip over its entire length between 1 and 100 sheets.


The Clamp System was designed specifically for filing and storing Architectural Plans, Construction Drawings, Blueprints, Engineering Drawings, Charts, Maps, Art Graphics, Posters and other oversize sheets of paper.  The Clamp is fully portable.

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  • Clamps or binders are the simplest and cheapest way of hanging large sheets in an orderly way
  • Sheets are hung vertically
  • Each clamp carries from 1 to 100 sheets with equally strong grip
  • Lightweight and fully portable, the clamp is made of extra strength extruded aluminium
  • Ideal for site work and frequently accessed plans/drawings an entire project can be carried in one clamp
  • Groups of drawings/sheets are organised and clamped in an orderly manner
  • No more - Rolling, Folding up, Disorganisation or damage to drawings
  • No crimping, slippage or creasing occurs to the contents
  • The handle makes carrying easy
  • Rounded corners eliminates scratching desks or tables
  • Clamps hang in Mobile Trolleys or on Wallracks
  • Clamps carry a 10 year replacement Guarantee when used for the purpose intended - holding drawings and large format paper
  • Clamps are made of scratch resistent powder coated industrial strength extruded aluminium
  • Clamps come in 4 sizes AO, B1, A1 & A2 
  • Clamp design eliminates slippage- Continuous even grip over the length of the clamp produces maximuim hold
  • Clamps are springloaded, store sheets flat, do not crimp, fold, tear or crease the sheets
  • Clamps are simple to use - loosen wingnuts slide sheets in or out then re tighten finger tight
  • Contents of clamps can be used like pages of a book
  • Sheets held securely in proper sequence for easy reference and storage
  • Clamps hold up to 12 kgs of sheets in each clamp
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