Planhorse Mobile


The front loading Planhorse Mobile Trolleys occupy a very small space whilst storing up to 2000 drawings, plans or large sheets. The Trolley provides high density vertical storage for large quantities of sheets. Sheets are grouped together in a clamp which hangs on the Trolley. Each clamp holds from 1 to 100 sheets. Sheets are instantly accessed and easily filed.


The front access Trolley comes in 3 sizes. The AO, A1 and the CadMobile which is designed to carry A2 and A3 or smaller sheets on 2 levels.


The AO & A1 trolleys come in 2 models - The 1000 model carries 1000 sheets on 10 clamps. The 2000 Model carries 2000 sheets on 20 clamps.  The 2000 Model Trolley is twice as wide as the 1000 Model.


Cad Mobiles carry A1 & A2 clamps on 2 levels - maximum sheet size A1 or smaller. A1 sheets are hung from their long side. A2 and smaller sheets are hung from the short side. CadMobiles come in 2 models - the 2000 Model carries 2000 sheets and the 4000 Model 4000 sheets. Leading the way in filing smaller sheets the Cad Mobile enables up to 4000 sheets to be moved easily. They are space saving, economical and aesthetically pleasing.


Manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards the robust Trolleys are non obtrusive and enable a dramatic reduction in storage and retrieval time. Sheets can be logically organised and easily accessed while Planhorse saves 90% of the floor space needed by other systems.


The strength inherent in the design and construction of the Trolleys and their high quality industrial castors make them easy to move even when fully laden.

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