Texart RT-640 Dye Sublimation Printer

The Texart RT-640 printer, developed specifically for dye sublimation, delivers superb quality, vivid colour and highly stable performance. This allows you to add value to your business through a wide range of profitable applications including apparel, signs, interior décor, fashion and original goods.

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If you're looking to get into dye sublimated soft signage, apparel, décor, promotional goods and other highly profitable applications, then the RT-640 is the sublimation printing solution for you. Designed to combine superb quality, productivity and value with brilliantly simple operation, the advanced RT-640 Dye Sublimation Transfer Printer is simply brilliant.

At a top speed of 22m2/hr, the 64" Roland TexArt RT-640 dye-sub printer along with the included premier RIP delivers great quality and productivity that can be used by both experienced & beginners. 

It features a new feed adjuster