Gudy Window Mounting Film

Easy to apply window adhesive.
Optically clear double-sided mounting film for digital prints and photos on windows. This water-based mounting adhesive can be applied to the face of a graphic and then face-mounted on interior windows.

From AU$1,088.34 Incl GST

Water-based mounting adhesive that can be applied to the face of a graphic and then face-mounted on interior windows. The clearpolyester carrier has a permanent adhesive on one side and a removable adhesive on the other lined with an air release liner. It isideal for bubble-free applications by hand and can be easily removed without residue - perfect for store front promotions!


  • Optically clear double-sided polyester mounting film (23µm)
  • For installing images by hand behing glass
  • Varieties of application, eg. shop windows, car windows, shop doors, promotional graphics, etc.
  • Photos, prints and graphics can be laminated on top and fast and easily bubble-free mounted by hand
  • Permanent adhesive on one side and a repositionable adhesive on the other
  • Can be easily repositioned or removed without residue
  • Only for indoor use

Product Structure

  • Release Liner: Siliconised paper
  • Adhesive: Permanent water-based acrylic
  • Carrier: Clear polyester
  • Adhesive: Removable acrylic
  • Release Liner: Embossed low density polyethylene


Film type Polyester-film, transparent  
Thickness [µm]  23± 2 approx.1 mil
Weight [g/m2] 32± 2  
Adhesive 1
Adhesive type  polyacrylate dispersion  
pH-value approx. 7,0  
Adhesive strength [N/25 mm] 10 min: > 6.0
24h: > 10.0
(AFERA 4001)
Backing 1
Type doublesided siliconised Glassine paper, white  
Thickness [µm]  75± 5  approx. 2.9 mil
Weight [g/m2] 93± 5  
Removal force [mN/cm] 15-60 speed 300 mm/min
Adhesive 2
Adhesive type polyacrylate dispersion  
pH-value approx. 7.0  
Adhesive strength [N/25 mm] 10 min: : 0,5±0,25
24h: 0,9±0,6
(AFERA 4001)
Backing 2
Type Embossed PE  
Thickness [µm]  140 ± 20 approx. 5.5 mil
Weight [g/m2] 72 ± 5  
Removal force [mN/cm] 20-110 speed 300 mm/min

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