Mactac Macal Glass Décor 600


MACtac MACal Glass Decor 600 series of adhesive vinyls feature optically clear gloss transparent indoor SA film printed with decorative patterns suited for interior glass par tition, doors and internal windows.

Ideally suited for decoration and privacy screening of glass doors, windows and partitions in restaurants, offices, shopping malls or airports. Providing either a decorative Japanese Rice Paper appearance or a simple geometric pattern without the need for plotter cutting.

3 unique patterns are available : Rice paper, small lines and squares.


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MACTAC MACAL GLASS DÉCOR 600 Rice          MACTAC MACAL GLASS DÉCOR 600 Small Lines          

Rice paper                                             Small Lines                                       

  • Privacy screening
  • Window decoration


Glass Decor 600 film surface is sensitive to scratches. Therefore, we recommend the film to be applied with a clean felt squeegee or alternatively, using application tape. Windows need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove silicon and other contaminates prior to application. 



  • Up to 5 year outdoor durability
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • High gloss and optical clarity through the unprinted film and adhesive
  • Solvent-based adhesive is ideally suited for wet application method (adhesive will not re - emulsify)
  • Minimal adhesive transfer when removing graphics
  • Stronger film, less likely to break during removal of graphics
  • Suited and recommended for wet application
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