Mactac Macal Glass Décor 700


A translucent, high-performance indoor and outdoor film, ideal for producing decoration of windows and glass decor for an etched, frosted or sandblasted effect.

Featuring 2 matte finishes: frosted and dusted and 5 matte colours: offshore blue, refreshing mint, sparkling yellow, romantic rose and luxurious gold.

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  • Outdoor and indoor decoration of windows and glass decor for etched, frosted or sandblasted effect
  • Privacy screens



  • Suited and recommended for wet application
  • Translucent stabilised vinyl film
  • Reliable uniformity and stability of the simulated etched glass effect
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Windows need to be cleaned thoroughly to remove silicon and other contaminates prior to application
  • Some plastics may out gas causing bubbling of the applied film. Plastics need to be evaluated to ensure outgassing will not occur
  • High performance
  • Up to 5 years outdoor durability
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Colour range: 2 matte clear finishes (frosted and dusted crystal), 5 matte frosted crystal colours and 2 light diffuser films providing 30% (more opaque) and 60% (more translucent) transmittance of light
  • High quality solvent based acrylic adhesive, very cohesive and extremely durable
  • Suited for wet application
  • Exhibits minimal adhesive transfer during removal
  • Excellent cutting, weeding and transfer of decals
  • Easy to apply due to stability of vinyl face stock


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