Zund Digital Cutters

Zund Digital Cutters

By converting to digital, you streamline your production processes, integrate them, and create added value for your business. It helps reduce costs and simultaneously speeds up your production processes. You become more flexible and have the ability to create customised products efficiently and economically. With digital cutting and innovative technologies, you lay the foundation for future growth.

The perfect cutting system for your application

Zünd cutting systems are based on a modular design concept that is unique in the market, flexible, and easily expandable. With its focus on innovation, Zünd has for decades been a driving force behind the astounding developments and growth in the graphics industry. Configure your digital cutting system according to your specific requirements. Invest in cutting technology that is both powerful and future proof.

Flexibility and upgradability is one of Zünd’s key features. This means that you don't necessarily need to invest in all tooling at the time of your initial purchase, but rather upgrade according to the type of work your business has in hand as it grows. At Starleaton we have been pivotal in the launch of the world first Zünd Tool and Module Rental Program. We've made it easy for you to combine the modules and tools you need from a wide range of tooling options. Take full advantage of our technical know-how, and let us show you how you can make your production work flow more efficient.

We are proud to be the authorised Australian and New Zealand supplier of the Zünd cutting lines. With a team of application experts and engineers across the network, you can rest easy that you have our support from the very minute your Zünd is installed. See how others are improving their productivity, and learn how to follow in their footsteps - customer stories here >> or book a demo today!

G3 Cutter

Uncompromising performance & precision: The Zünd G3 flatbed cutter is extremely flexible thanks to a modular cutter concept.

G3 Cutter
  • Modularity
  • Upgradability
  • Automatic tool/bit changes
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S3 Cutter

Compact, flexible, and economical: The Zünd S3 cutting table is extremely fast thanks to smart technology.

S3 Cutter
  • High speed
  • Small foortprint
  • Stepless vacuum system
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D3 Cutter

Double your productivity: The dual-beam system of the D3 digital cutter sets new standards in performance.

D3 Cutter
  • Maximum throughput and performance
  • Large-format production
  • Efficient dual-beam workflow
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Modules & Tools

Combine the modules and tools you need from a wide range of tooling options. Benefit from our know-how and perfectly coordinated solutions. Make your production more efficient.

Modules & Tools
  • Expand your productivity
  • 20 different tools available
  • Meet your ever-changing cutting needs
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Consumables & Accessories

Starleaton offers a full complement of original Zünd knives, routers, engraving bits and punching tools, as well as cutting, routing and plotting accessories.

Whatever the application, you will find the right tool in our Zund Accessories Product Catalogue.

Zund Consumables & Accessories
  • High quality consumables
  • Tools for every application
  • Zünd accessories & consumables catalogue
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Service & Support

At Starleaton we don't just move boxes, we offer first class service, finance and support to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. Starleaton has one the most respected and agile service teams in the market. A team of highly trained application specialists that are on hand to help.

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Convincing Arguments for Zund


The safety of your investment is important to us. You can easily and cost-effectively retrofit a Zünd cutter any time you please. Configure your digital cutting system according to your specific needs. We will gladly help you assess your current and future production needs and advise you on a configuration that is tailor-made for you.

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