Zund Rental Program


Introducing our Zünd Tool and Module Rental Program

Harness the power of your Zünd Digital Cutter

With a focus on innovation, Zünd and its unique modularity means you will always be future-ready!

Exclusively at Starleaton receive the verified Zünd software, gain access to our rental program, and enjoy nationwide support from our team of experts. Zünd has over 20 different tools available for cutting, creasing, and finishing. Very few Zünd owners have the full range at their disposal. Now you can access our extensive range exclusively via our new Zünd Tool and Module Rental Program only at Starleaton.

Flexible Options To Expand Your Productivity

How it works:

Zünd cutting tools and modules facilitate every aspect and application of true high volume cutting and processing production workflow from traditional through cut applications, and routing, right through to specialised material and industrial applications. The Starleaton Zünd Tool and Module Rental Program will allow you to rent the right tool or module to cater to the specific urgent application required - all at a fraction of the cost to purchase! Tools and modules are available locally, so you can fullfill that urgent specialty job, win more business, and keep your customers happy.

The Zünd Tool and Module Rental Program enables you to cost-effectively configure and upgrade Zünd cutters for ever-changing cutting needs at any time. With the improved production, should you wish to purchase the tool, a percentage of the rental cost will be offset

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Zund Digital Cutters Available At Starleaton

G3 Digital Cutter

Uncompromising performance and precision

  • Modularity
  • Upgradability
  • Automatic toll/bit changes
S3 Digital Cutter

Compact, flexible, and economical

  • High Speed
  • Small footprint
  • Stepless vaccum system
D3 Digital Cutter

Double your productivity

  • Maximum throughput and performance
  • Large-format production
  • Effiecient dual-beam workflow

We are proud to be the Australian supplier of the Zund cutting line, and provide technical expertise in installation and service support.

At Starleaton we have you and your productivity top of mind. We are very proud to launch our new Zünd Tool and Module Rental Program. We've made it easy for you to combine the modules and tools you need from a wide range of tooling options. Benefit from our know-how and make your production more efficient and versatile just like the Zund tool concept!

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