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How to pick a laminator?

From potential customers we often hear the same question: “If laminators are in fact just two rollers and a motor, why are some of them more expensive than others?” The answer is quite simple: They are just like cars. All of them have four wheels and a motor, but the price difference can be huge. […] ... Read More

Are You A Printing Company Aiming To Improve Your Colour Quality?

Hitting offset lithographic colour targets isn’t always fast or easy. The manual process of measuring colour bars and making ink key adjustments takes time and opens the door to operator error. Meanwhile, the press is running (and wasting) paper and ink. Rutherford a developer of closed-loop colour control systems for offset presses. Introducing the IntelliLoop […] ... Read More

EFI Pro 16h Open House Sydney

The EFI Pro 16h hybrid LED inkjet printer is the ultimate growth tool for print professionals. The EFI Pro 16h LED UV hybrid inkjet printer has been strategically designed with a complete stimulus package of features to assure the lowest total cost of ownership, superior image quality, and access to the widest range of substrates/applications. […] ... Read More

Ken Duncan’s Road Show at Costco North Lakes, QLD

16 to 27 October 2019 17-39 Cook Court, North Lakes QLD 4509 Ken Duncan is heading to Queensland and showcasing a selection of spectacular landscape and wildlife images, plus books, 2020 calendars, Christmas cards, jigsaw puzzles and more. This will all be on display at Costco in North Lakes, QLD. You will have the opportunity […] ... Read More

Double-sided print made easy

When it needed to find a new solution for fast, accurate double-sided poster printing, Sydney-based wide-format printer All Print turned to Starleaton – and found exactly what it was looking for, down to less than a millimeter. ... Read More

Neenah Coldenhove goes green: more than only FSC!

What is FSC? We have all heard about going green, protecting the forest, opting for recycled paper to reduce our carbon footprint; how much do we really know, and done to do our part to be eco-friendly? Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) was founded in 1993 to address the concerns of global deforestation and is a […] ... Read More

Polar Heir by Han Sungpil and Alumigraphics

DATES 24 AUG-20 OCT VENUE Outdoor Hop Temple Laneway 24 Armstrong Street North, Ballarat OPENING TIMES 24 hours, 7 days Han Sungpil is a Korean artist whose practice comprises photography, video and installations, covering subjects such as environmental issues, originalities, history and the relation between the real and the represented. He strives to understand the world’s […] ... Read More

Printex 2019 wrap up

Printex 2019 is a wrap and here are our highlights from the whirlwind 4 days! As well as our range of media application rooms, we had hardware from Zünd, Epson, Neschen, Graphtec, Roland, Impulsa and Xrite. Full production workflows on display for sign and display, and textile creation from colour management to finishing. We were […] ... Read More

AntiSkid for the big finish!

The Tour de France bike race is as iconic as they come, this year we were excited to see our HeliXx Antiskid gracing the course. Equipped with an adhesive that allows for use on rough surfaces in the open environment, Antiskid Outdoor can be used on asphalt, concrete, untreated stone, interlocking pavement and similar substrates. Antiskid […] ... Read More

In Pursuit of the Perfect Pink

Austrian brand Manner is famous for two things: its crispy, cream-filled wafer confections, and the eye-catching pink packaging it’s used since its founding in 1890. Manner is a beloved brand that has attained an almost cult-like status even beyond its home city of Vienna. For children and adults alike, the instantly recognizable pink wrapper evokes […] ... Read More

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