Timeless Archive Varnish

 Elevate Your Art with Timeless Varnish!

Why settle for ordinary when you can achieve extraordinary? Protect and enhance your prints with our Timeless liquid varnish. Not only does it shield against UV rays, moisture, and abrasions, but it also brings out the richest colours and deepest blacks in your artwork.

Quick drying, no dilution needed, and perfect for HVLP systems.

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Protect, Enhance, and Preserve with Timeless Varnish.

Laminating your prints is crucial unless you're using solvent media or our NO-LAM canvases. Not only does it prevent cracking during stretching, but it also shields your artwork from UV rays, moisture, and abrasions, maximising your canvas's Dmax potential.

Introducing Timeless: the pinnacle of liquid varnishes for archival-quality prints. Born from rigorous research and development, its performance is unparalleled. This proprietary, water-based varnish is non-yellowing and specifically crafted to safeguard and elevate digital inkjet prints. It ensures vibrant colours and deep blacks with an even coat.

With its rapid drying technology and no need for dilution, Timeless is the ideal companion for HVLP systems. Elevate your prints with added water resistance, scuff protection, and UV defense, all delivered with unmatched elegance and finesse.

  • Dries to the touch in 60 minutes
  • Pre-diluted for quick and easy spraying or rolling
  • Certified for use with archival media for 100+ years display life
  • Perfect at home, in the gallery, or high traffic areas, Timeless adds much needed water resistance
  • Protect prints from scuffs and abrasions
  • UV protected to prevent yellowing and fading
  • Manufactured in Austin
  • This product is compatible with Aqueous inks